Joyous Reunion is the fourth game of the Tails of Azeroth series.

The latest game version is 0.4b. It is currently available for donors only.

The next version of the episode is planned to be released on September 30.


After his mother sends him on a journey to relatives, a fellow blood elf falls into a series of events that will change his life.




Barracus Card Small (Joyous Reunion)

Major characters


Joy Alerie
Joy Card Small (Joyous Reunion) Alerie Card Small (Joyous Reunion)

Minor characters

What's new

What is new in the latest version (0.4b):

  • Visual improvements and additions
  • Story progression (see p. 28 to 33)
  • H-picture
  • Story H-scene #3
  • Story H-scene #9
  • Story H-scene #10
  • Optional H-scene #2
  • Optional H-scene #3


Note: Pressing N button will toggle the speed hack

1. The game starts with Barracus coming back to his home. After the cut scene, leave the house and go around it, so that you could see the stalls in front you. There, inside the first stall, you will see a female blood elf and a male tauren. Approach them.

Story H-scene #1
Barracus' Mother x Centaurus

2. After the scene, Barracus will end up on a ship. Watch a conversation between him and Captain Black, then leave the cabin.

Optional H-scene #1
A female nightborne x A male blood elf
How to get: Interact with the door next to Captain Black's cabin

3. Go to the opposite side of the ship and then go down to the lower deck. Move forward until you see a human female - Jennifer Black - reading a magazine on one of the beds. Approach her and then interact. Watch a number of dialogues followed by an H-scene.

Story H-scene #2
Jennifer Black x Barracus

4. After the scene, return to Captain Black's cabin and interact with its door.

Story H-scene #3
Jennifer Black x Captain Black

5. Barracus ends up in the Darkcrest Bay. There, you will see a town on the hill in the distance. Approach the stairway that leads to its gates, but before you go up the stairs, come closer to a blood elf and a human under the shed to the right to watch a short dialogue.

6. Now go up the stairway to the town gates, where you will see a guard - Mylara - standing next to it. Interact with her.

7. After the dialogue, turn to the stairway. You need to go around the part of the wall on your right. Once you come close to its corner, turn right and move along towards a big boulder and a tree. There, you will see a passage in the wall behind the tree. Go through it to the entrance of the building (the inn) in front of you. Come inside the inn and approach a female blood elf - Alerie. Watch a short conversation.

8. Go up to the second floor and come inside the room in the middle. Go past the folding screen where you will see Joy stretching. Come closer to her until you see a cut scene.

Story H-scene #4
Joy (solo)

9. Go downstairs to Alerie, who is now sitting at one of the tables, and talk to her. After the conversation, leave the inn.

10.Go inside the bathhouse next to the passage through which you got into the town, and interact with a bath there. Watch a number of dialogues and cut scenes followed by a soft H-scene.

Story H-scene #5
Barracus, Alerie, Joy

11. After Jennifer Black shows up in the bathhouse, Alerie and Joy will leave and you will get another H-scene.

Story H-scene #6
Jennifer Black x Barracus

12. Leave the bathhouse after the final H-scene.

Side-Quest #1 - The Witch's Story. Part I

Go out of the town through the same passage you used to get inside and move forward behind the boulder in front of you. There, standing on a road, you will see a house with a purple roof to your right in the distance.

Keep following the road towards the house, but after arriving at the crossroad, instead of choosing the way which will lead you to that house, take the path to the left from it. There, you should see a young draenei girl standing next to a basket. Talk to her.

The girl will ask you to help her to gather three mushrooms. Agree to do so. The locations of the mushrooms are:

1. Next to four trees on a knoll at the end of the way where the girl was standing.

2. Next to a log on a plateau with a draenei statute. To get there, return to the last crossroad and choose the way opposite to the one that leads to the house with a purple roof.

3. Next to the farthest stump in front of the sawmill. To get there, return to the road that would lead you to the passage through which you got into the city, but instead of going right to the passage, approach the building - the sawmill - on your left. The stump with the mushroom is located between the sawmill and the house with a purple roof.

After you have gathered all the mushrooms, return to the little draenei girl, who is now standing next to the entrance to the house with a purple roof. Talk to her and come inside the house.

You can explore the house or leave it right away, since the adult draenei - Empira - who you need to talk with is now standing outside. Interact with that draenei. Choose any dialogue option, watch a conversation and then the H-scene.

Empira x Barracus (H-scene)
Side-Quest #2 - The Witch's Story. Part II

Go behind the town and move along the bridge across the river. Follow the road until a crossroad, then choose the left path. Keep going past the big hut with a purple roof to the hill with a large boulder in its center.

Behind the boulder, there are a tall tree and a flower growing next to it. Pick the Blue Flower up. You will see a short cut scene.

Move to the plateau with a draenei statue on it. Standing in front of the statue, go to the hill to your right. There you will find a tombstone next to one of the trees. Approach it, open your inventory and use the Blue Flower on it.

Barracus will end up in Empira's place again. There, cross the bridge, go into the house and approach Empira, who is now sitting on the floor. You will see a short dialogue followed by the H-scene.

Empira x Barracus (H-scene)

13. Return to Alerie, who is standing at the bar inside her inn, and talk to her. She will then give you 4 mugs of Beer and ask you to serve them to the visitors.

14. When you come to each of the visitors, open your inventory and use a mug of Beer on them. After you have served all the four mugs, talk to Alerie once again. Now she will ask you to find the inn bouncer.

15. Leave the inn and this time go through the gates in front of the entrance, then turn right and keep your way towards the building in front of you - the forge. There you will see a night elf - the blacksmith - standing next to the wall. Talk to her.

16. Leave the forge through the exit on the opposite side of the building, after that turn left and keep going until there is an open building on your right with a female draenei (Molly, the jeweler) inside. Talk to this draenei.

17. Now go outside, turn right and move towards the end of the main street until you find yourself next to a big doorless building - the library. Come inside and speak with a draenei (Imara, the librarian) inside.

18. While leaving the library, you will stumble upon Mylara. Choose any dialogue option and watch a soft H-scene.

Story H-scene #7
Mylara x Barracus

19. After the last dialogue, leave the town through the main gates - they are located between the forge and Alerie's inn. Go down the stairs to the pier, then move along the shore to the right. Continue your way until you see a tauren (Trebor, the bouncer) sleeping inside a hut behind a boulder. Interact with him. He will ask you to bring him some food.

20. Return to the pier, then walk to its farthest edge. There you should see a barrel on which you will find several fish. Interact with that barrel to pick up one fish and go back to Trebor after that. Open your inventory and use the Stinky Fish on him, so that he gets up.

21. Go back to Alerie's inn. After you come inside the building, you will see a cut scene followed by a series of dialogues.

22. Talk to Alerie. She will ask you to deliver pizza. Go to the room to the right from her, in which you will see two goblin cooks (Packo and Ricko) inside. After you talk with them, pick up pizza from the table in front of the entrance, then leave the room and go outside.

23. After leaving the inn, go forward to the library, then turn right and move along the road to the big gates which lead to the mayor's quarter.

Side-Quest #3 - Plain Cheese Pizza Delivery

While in the mayor's quarter, come inside the building located in its far right corner. There you will see a male dwarf (Hemet) and a female draenei (Stormy). Approach Hemet, open your inventory and use a Plain Cheese Pizza on him.

Hemet will ask you to bring his crew to him. The house in which they have stayed can be found right past the jeweler's workshop (see p.16).

Come inside that house. You will see that Hemet's crew is gone. Pick a Camera up from the table in front of the entrance and return to Hemet. Use the Camera on him to see a short dialogue followed by the H-scene.

Stormy x Barracus (H-scene)

24. Go to the biggest building in the quarter - the Town Hall - and talk to the guard at its entrance, then come inside.

25. Move to the meeting room and go through the door in one of its corners. You will end up in the room with Alexstrasza. Watch a short dialogue, then pick up a Lighter from the table to the right from the Dragon Queen.

Secret H-scene
Note: Watching this scene will make the Story H-scene #7 and the Optional H-scene #2 unavailable

Sylvanas x Horny Worgen

How to get: Go to the meeting room of the Town Hall. There you will see three candelabra hanging on the walls. To open the secret room, you have to light (use the Lighter in your inventory) them in a particular order:

1. On the wall closest to the entrance, through which you got into the meeting room.

2. On the wall on the platform in the farthest part of the room.

3. On the wall closest to the door which leads to the room with Alexstrasza.

After you have lit all of the candles, a door to the secret room will become available (it is the door behind the left bookshelf on the platform inside the meeting room). Come inside to see the H-scene.

26. (Optional) If you did not watch the Secret H-scene: While in the room with Alexstrasza, go through the portal to the secret cave. There, approach the pool in front of you. You will see several cut scenes and an H-scene.

Story H-scene #8
Note: Watching this scene will make the Secret H-scene unavailable

Lyanna x Barracus x Lynnistra

27. Go to the room with a mirror, where you first saw Alexstrasza, and use a Big Sausage Pizza on Sylvanas, who is now standing there. She will ask Barracus to bring back the second worgen, who managed to escape.

28. Return to the inn and talk to Alerie. She will tell Barracus that the worgen can probably be hiding in the lighthouse near the town.

29. Go to the pier, then move to the left along the shore. Behind the first group of boulders, there is a path leading to the lighthouse: go up the hill to the first crossroad, then choose the way to the right. While approaching the lighthouse, you will hear an howl.

30. Read a note on the lighthouse door, then turn around and go to the right down the hill until you find yourself on the shore once again. To the left along the shore, there is a wooden platform - approach it and pick up a Lighthouse Key from it.

31. Return to the lighthouse and use the Lighthouse Key on its door. Come inside and go up the stairs to the first doorway. Go through it and talk to the worgen to your left.

Optional H-scene #2
Lynnistra x Barracus
How to get: Go to edge of the topmost platform of the lighthouse

Note: Only available if you watched the Story H-scene #8

32. Return to the Town Hall. Choose to help either the worgen or Sylvanas.

I. Helping the worgen

1. Go to the secret room (check the Secret H-scene if you need to know how to get in) inside the Town Hall and talk to the worgen who is being held captive there. In order to free him, Barracus will need to find guard armor.

2. Leave the Town Hall and go to the barracks on your left. Come inside and interact with the middle chest on the right side of the barracks. A blood elf (Fay) will show up. She will ask Barracus to bring a pizza with special sauce to her in exchange for the armor.

3. Go to the goblin cooks in Alerie's inn and talk to Packo. He will agree to make the pizza only if Barracus steals some photos from Joy's room.

4. Go to Joy's room and interact with the shelf, closest to the entrance.

Packo x Daemia x Ricko
How to get: Interact with the shelf in Joy's room

5. Return to Packo and use the Photo on him. After a short dialogue, he will give you the Big Sausage Pizza with Special Sauce for Fay, as promised.

6. Go back to the mayor's quarter, where at the entrance you will stumble upon some guards who will take the pizza away. Nonetheless, return to Fay, talk to her and watch an H-scene.

Story H-scene #9
Fay x Barracus

7. Go back to the captive worgen and use the Armor on him.

8. Go through the portal in Sylvanas' room and watch a dialogue followed by an H-scene.

Story H-scene #10
Alexstrasza x Barracus
II. Helping Sylvanas

1. Go back to Sylvanas and tell her where the second worgen is hiding. Thus, he will be caught and brought back to Sylvanas.

Optional H-scene #3
Alexstrasza x A male worgen, Sylvanas x A male worgen
How to get: After telling Sylvanas about the hiding worgen, go through the portal in her room. The scene can be found on the right side of the cave.

33. Return to Alerie's inn and approach Jennifer Black at the entrance.

- End of the version 0.4b -

Known bugs